KWTaper - Live Shows

I was the guy at concerts with the denim vest that had inside pockets. And in one of those pockets was a recorder of some sort.

Armed with Maxell XL2 90 or TDK SA90 cassette tapes and a mic fed through a buttonhole, just press "record".

After decades of attending concerts that I recorded and then trading shows on Cassette tape, I am now converting those to MP3 and CDRs.

I have tons to go through. So we'll build a bit at a time. As I go through boxes, I'll just see what jumps out at me. 

And we'll rebuild the list and collection bit by bit.

As I fish through boxes, I find myself coming up with tapes labeled "1 of 2" and have not uncovered the "2 of 2" partner. 

For these I have noted "Through (song title)" showing how much of the set is contained on that first cassette.

I have noticed that some of this stuff is housed on YouTube too. On occasion I have opted to grab a better sounding version from there to replace something that did not sound as good on cassette.

I rate the sound quality as I make my way through shows. Remember these are live shows usually recorded on old recorders such as the Sony Walkman and the like. Something rated VG is what I would consider to be typical of attending a show and will have plenty of crowd noise. Ratings increase or decrease from there.

Updated 06.21.2024

If you have interest in trading or picking up something from me, drop me an email